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“The Deskplorers franchise continues to develop, mature, and grow.” (

The animations have been stroked up from the previous episode we reviewed. The doodle drawings have now warmed they way into my heart. They are completely non-offensive…. I am really digging the music in Deskplorers Episode Three Egyptians. Something about it feels fun, and fresh….. The story telling is improving, and actually captivated me…. I enjoyed this app, and feel it is getting better with every episode. I can not wait to see how the season finishes off.” 

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“Deskplorers is made with kids in mind!” (

As you can probably imagine, we play an awful lot of iOS games — and some of them are awful iOS games not that we think in it — and this one is certainly awful… Awfully fun! But then we have something of a soft spot in our hearts for games that have a teaching aspect to them, and as this one introduces children to great stories as well as promotes strong values in them and an interest in reading, well it qualifies on several levels! 

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“I was charmed by this app.” (

The app is really engaging and although it was created for kids aged 6 years and more, I think the creators included in this segment (6+) the parents and the grandparents too :) 

I was charmed by this app, I found it really challenging (not too simple and boring, not too complicated and frustrating) and I believe that the next episodes (who I hope will be released soon) will keep us “glued” to the iPad/iPhone for the entire year.

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“The Deskplorers series is very unique.” (

The Deskplorers is a wonderful story full of lovable characters, fun adventure and educational tid bits. I recommend it and am looking forward to seeing the future “episodes” in this saga. 

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“The Deskplorers: History Meets Fun And Games” (

The animation is very kid-friendly and unique. The story is fun, and the history aspect is placed so well that your kids probably won’t even notice they’re learning about medieval times. Very fun music and sound effects. Numerous profiles to create (this is great if you have more than one child who will want to play the game). 

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“Doodles Do More Than Just Jump” (

The Deskplorers is a good game that’s easy to get into and should be really fun for kids. I, of course, am not normal, which is probably why I was still able to get into it as an adult.  The main shortcoming is that the story goes by fairly quickly unless you’re not so good at the mini-games.  Still, for the right age group this is a wonderful diversion with a bit of actual knowledge to be imparted. 

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“With The Deskplorers Egypt, Happy Blue Fish offers a game as polished as the previous episodes.” (

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