Stories + Games + Education

The Deskplorers “Jump in a Book” series: a unique interactive experience  combining stories and games,  with real educational values.

Kids love nice stories, with heroes and emotions! But in front on the TV they don’t interact…

Kids love to play fun video-games, but many games don’t bring the educational value parents would hope for.

Combining Stories, Games and Education has been at the core foundation of our game design.

Read the Story, Play the Mini-Games, Unlock the Chapters!

Read the Story
There are 6 chapters per episode

Each episode contains more than 200 images and 6 animations, background music and sound effects, providing a rich entertaining experience for the kids. The dialogs are easy to read with or without the parents help. Each episode is a full story, divided into 6 chapters.

At the end of a chapter, The Deskplorers will need help! They won’t be able to go any further until the player finds an object to unlock the chapter and continue with the story!

Find the right objects to help the Deskplorers

Browse the catalog and read the descriptions… There are many more objects than you need and you have to find the right one. If you think an object is right for the current chapter, cut it out, drag it to the box on the left, and go back to the story to see if you chose the right object!

But, to cut an object, you need points! And to win points, you need to play the mini-games!

Play the mini-games
Win points!

There are 3 mini-games to choose from. You can play them in an “easy” mode or “normal” mode (the normal mode is more difficult, but offers more points when you win !-). Each game session is limited to 1 minute, but you can play as many times as you want!

5 mini-games available, 2 difficulty levels per mini-game.

Jump in a Book! DEFEND! mini-game

Defend Lea’s Card Castle from Bratty’s assault…

Slide over the paper balls to throw them back  and win points.

Tap on Bratty, Brutus and Moody so they don’t reach Lea’s Card Castle!

Jump in a Book! DANCE! mini-game

Dance in rhythm with Scrabot !

Tap and slide on the screen following the beat of the music to win points.

If you miss a beat, the music loses some musical notes!

Don’t tap on a black symbol beat, it will turn a spotlight off!

With Tom absorb Bratty’s cells and avoid those from Brutus…

Put your device flat and tilt it in the 4 directions to catch Bratty’s cells and win points.

Avoid the big Brutus cells, and use the “shake” bonus!

Help Spoon catch the good food, and avoid sweets!

Tilt your device left and right to move Spoon and win points.

Avoid the sweets, and don’t miss one protein!

Slide Tom down the snow slope

Tilt your device left and right to stear, sldie your fingers up and down to speed up of down, and catch as many flags as possible.

Avoid the stones, hitting 3 of them will stop the race!

Educational values

The Deskplorers help your kids to READ, and to UNDERSTANDthe meaning of the sentences.The Deskplorers promote creative THINKING and problem solving (understand the dialogs, read the object descriptions, Tom’s feedback…)You can reinforce the understanding on a FOREIGN LANGUAGE: when a chapter is unlocked, you can switch the dialogs between available languages (available now: FRENCH, coming soon: German, Italian and Spanish)

Free download + In App Purchase

Play free with the first chapter of each episode

In each episode, you can read the first chapter, play the mini-games, and find the right object to unlock the first chapter.

The 5 mini-games are always free!

Buy the 5 next chapters in one In-App-Purchase

You like the story? Tell your parents to give you access to read and play with the 5 remaining chapter. Play the 4 mini-games with 2 difficulty levels.

Additional features

In each episode:

– 6 chapters (the first one is free)

– 1 mini-dictionnay

– More than 6 minutes of vidéo


Find useful information about the background of each story.


Play again the “end of chapter” videos.

Fingerprint Play network

The kids results are managed by the Fingerprint Play Network.

Parents’ corner

Parents can monitor what their kids are learning in each episode throught the Fingerprint Play network.

This post is also available in: French


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