Meet Tom, Lea and their friends…

What happens to all those letters when kids leave their DESKS? They become EXPLORERS!

Join Tom, Lea and their friends in their amazing adventures on your kid’s desk!

In this new world, meet the “nice ones”: Tom, Lea, Spoon and Scrabot, and the “not so nice ones”: Bratty, Moody and Brutus.

“Intelligent” video games for 7 to 11 yo girls and boys, on iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch, and MacOS

The Deskplorers “Jump in a Book” series: a unique interactive experience combining stories and games,  with real educational values.

Kids love nice stories, with heroes and emotions! But in front on the TV they don’t interact… Kids love to play fun video-games, but many games don’t bring the educational value parents would hope for.

Combining storytelling, playing and Education has been at the core foundation of our game design.

Original and Rich Graphic Design

THE DESKPLORERS are figure- and letter-based characters. They live in a 2D universe made of everyday real-life textures, as if the kids used pieces of paper and objects on their desks to create a world all of their own.

The graphic design is an original creation, fresh and fun. Each episode contains more than 200 images and 6 animations.

The Author of the stories is Philippe Martins, Happy Blue Fish Creative Director. The background textures are created by François-Xavier Lagey, a renowned French “collage” artist.

The nice ones... and the not so nice ones

Strong Positive Values for the Kids

The Deskplorers help promote strong values for the kids: trusting each other, helping each other, respecting people and their differences, respecting nature.

In all of The Deskplorers stories, there is no harsh violence or bad manners, only “real life” emotions and behaviors.

In all of The Deskplorers games, fun comes first, and there is always an added instructional value for the kids: reading, creative thinking and language learning.

The Deskplorers - Time Travel!

The Magic Compass

Among the “nice ones”, Tom is the scientist: he invented an incredible machine, the Magic Compass, which allows the Deskplorers to jump into the pictures and books on the desk. But Bratty, the leader of the “not so nice ones”, has stolen it…

This is the starting point to many adventures, organized into seasons and episodes, just like TV series.


Licensing available

We are currently seeking partners to license The Deskplorers:

  • Kids magazines comic strips, cartoons, and novels
  • Web & TV video animation
  • Goodies

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